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Feel the Math & Enjoy Together!

To provide a good educational

foundation for fellow blind students

who might be struggling

with Mathematics.

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We Are

Hello, we are “feel the math team”. We have been collaborating as interns

for the braille publishing/ IT company, SENSEE to provide braille & 3D books and

give educational opportunities for the blind. 


The book’s main purpose is to give a mathematical vision for the blind.

Mathematics is a subject that many people struggle with, and our team “feel the math” believed that

the current educational environment for the blind lacks many tools to teach the subject. 

Through various interactive stories and 3D tactile graphs and tools using SENSEE’s technology,

our team, composed of students from 4 different schools in both the US and Korea cooperated

under one motivation : to provide a good educational foundation for fellow blind students

who might be struggling with Mathematics. 


Below are the 4 Students, Eunjae, Hyein, Hyunjin, Jaehyuk and their stories on

how they collectively helped to publish this book using their talents and interests: 


Eunjae Hong (Jenny)

Head of Mathematical Curriculum & Logistics

Hello, my name Eunjae Hong.

I am currently attending Korea International School Jeju, and I am a rising senior. 

I have discovered an interest in applied mathematics since the beginning of highschool, which stemmed out from perseverance out of numerous attempts on trying to understand, self study, and teach the subject to my peers. Infact, teaching the subject was one of the push factors that led to my enthusiasm for mathematics. In the simultaneous process of thriving for more advanced mathematical knowledge and helping my fellow students earn interest in the subject, I have decided to take part in this project at SENSEE to further widen the scope of helping and educating the community. Mathematics is a crucial subject that all people including the blind in order to have a problem solving mindset in this world, and I am delighted to take part in this crucial educational movement. 


Hyein Choi (Monica)

Head of linguistics and storytelling 

Hello, my name is Hyein Choi.

I am currently a student in Loomis Chaffee School (CT), and I am a rising junior.

Over the years, I have grown out my passions for linguistics, specifically because

I felt like it provided the foundations for working in diverse fields: journalism, education, law, pathology, and etcetera.

Throughout the summer, I was given the opportunity to join the SENSEE project.

I realized how this project was meaningful for me to further understand the definition and significance of language. By researching distinct aspects and details for the blinds, I was able to learn and branch my knowledge about not only the genuine essence of the braille language but also the perspectives of different people while they learn the language.

I hope our SENSEE project helps the blinds to approach educational opportunities easily.


Amber Hyunjin Cheun

Head of Content & Design

Hello, my name is Amber Cheun and I am currently a senior at Seoul International School in South Korea. Over the years, I cultivated a passion for science and developed a true respect for knowledge gained through chemistry and biology.

Given my interests in science enabled me to realize how valuable knowledge is even if it is not readily available before our eyes.  Many eye-opening achievements have been possible because there are always experts who are willing to spend time and effort catering to various scientific developments. 

I hope to apply my knowledge to a meaningful project that helps visually impaired people learn mathematics more comfortably and effectively. I am extremely delighted to be participating in this project and hope that all stereotypes against disabled individuals will become resolved.


Jaehyuk Choi

Head of Prototype

Hello, my name is Jaehyuk Choi. I am currently attending North London Collegiate School Jeju, and I am a rising senior. I found myself interested in mechanical engineering recently , because I wanted to make and build products that can help others. Throughout the 3 years of physics and mathematics courses in the school, I developed and learned about the field better. During the summer, I got an opportunity to join the SENSEE project with my teammates. At the start,  I thought the project was not related to mechanical engineering at all. But throughout the project, I realized that I can apply my knowledge on this project to help others. I hope this project can help many people around the world.

What we do


Prototype 1

Roller-coaster Prototype

We used a thick foam board and added magnet pins and string to shape the graph so that the blind would able to feel the graph with their hands. 


Prototype 2

Feel the dots

Our team developed a second protoype of “feel the dots.” In this prototype, we used braile technology to indicate individual dots that had their x and y coordinates marked with dotted lines.

그래프 02_수정6.jpg

Prototype 3

Connected dots

We developed prototype 3, where there were also “connected dots”, and now could fully represent the strings we wanted to intended to use in prototype 1. 

SENSEE’s technology

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